We may call it just a matter of survival, but Health and Family have always been priority values for human life, and in the case of Auri Foods, it was also these concepts that inspired the creation of the brand and its business project.

The daughter of the founders of Auri Foods offered a great deal of food resistance. In an attempt to ensure she had a healthy, complete diet that would provide her with all the proteins and vitamins she needed to grow – they started looking for ingredients that would do the job, preferably using pleasant flavors and aromas that would motivate her at mealtimes.

And they succeeded! It is from this family motivation that comes the particular commitment and rigor that Auri has always applied in discovering the safest and highest quality products. From there, they decided to share this knowledge with other families and with other consumers, with the hope of having an active contribution to people’s nutrition.

Our mission is to stimulate and provide a significant improvement in people's well-being, through a healthy diet, rich in nutrients, more tasty and pleasurable.

It was under a careful mastery of the most advanced food engineering techniques that Auri started a story that, although arriving in Portugal for marketing throughout Europe only in 2018, already carries long years of consolidated experience in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

The brand was, in fact, a world pioneer in the manufacture of nutritional yeast-based supplements with flavors. In Brazil, specifically, it was also the first manufacturer of vegan supplements based on proteins such as those present in rice and peas, dispensing with any components of animal origin. Thanks to meticulous laboratory tests that aim for maximum food safety without giving up the sensory component expressed in appetizing aromas, appealing textures, and culinary authenticity.

Regardless of the nutritional composition and the gastronomic proposal in question, each of these products always fulfills the same objective: to provide the consumer with a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that, although essential to the human body, the body does not always produce in sufficient quantity or retain in the most efficient way.


Auri Foods - Icone vegan
Auri Foods - Icone gluten
Auri Foods - Icone lactose